Politics 25/9-12 13:00 2

Stasi kept a file on me

John Edelsgaard Andersen Stasi
Head of the International Office signs off with an overview of his legacy. And a glimpse into his past
Culture 29/8-12 9:02 2

Breaking your routine

Feature: Breaking your routine
Wanderlust is the urge to go other places. But you don't really have to go far to break your routine
European students: We can’t afford to live
A large proportion of Europe’s students reckon they don’t have enough funds to cover their monthly expenses, a survey shows. Labour market expert says the situat
Science 29/3-12 5:40 2

Student lived with whales, polar bears

Biology student from University of Copenhagen talks to the University Post about his project and adventures doing fieldwork in western Greenland
Campus 14/2-12 11:19 3

Non-Danes kicked out of mentor group

Mentor group with no internationals
International mentors for incoming students have been expelled from the Faculty of Humanities mentor group. Non-Danes 'don’t understand the Danish system'
World breakthrough for LEGO Atlas detector
The large model in LEGO of the Atlas detector from the laws-of-physics-busting Large Hadron Collider is now to go on a world tour, says the model’s creator, Sasc

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