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Different Standards

By Mauro on 23. May 2012, 11:46.

I think Dane youth can be very spoiled, but it alls goes in the way the society has grow and the kind of advantages they have.
I come from a non EU country, and it has been hard for my parents to give me an education, because they had to pay even for the public education.
I am here because Danish government grant me a scholarship that covers my tuition fee and gave me "some" money to survive each month, which is a thousand DKK more than SU. And I got super surprised because that's more than a full time job professional earns in my country (even with the Danish taxes).
It is difficult for me to to get a second Job, and I have been trying for the last months to get one. With the amount of money I got from the scholarship I have enough to pay the rent, food, laundry and cellphone bill, buy academic books and from time to time to go party with friends, or travel to see Denmark or Europe.
I really get surprised when people say they don't have enough money with the SU.
I talked with some Danes when I recently arrive the country and they say, for instance, that their education is free or paid by the SU, some of them even have told me they have the SU as an economical resource "If I see myself in economical problems I can always apply for the SU, study six months or one year or quit when I get a better Job". The point here is that, maybe, when you have to fight for what you want, you value and appreciate that more than when it is just given to you. I studied very hard, because I knew the situation in my country is hard, and my parents made big efforts to give me an education, I also used to work up to 15 hours a week when studying 35 hours a week, just to help my parents to pay my Uni. I tried to do my best and then I applied for a Scholarship in Denmark and I value and feel grateful for every øre they gave me, because they trust in my and my capacities and without Danish trust I will be in student loans to get superior studies.
I think the problem is not the SU, but the way students see the SU. They have it so easy that they don't appreciate it, and, as with my scholarship, they should be tested from time to time to see if they deserve to have it or if they are in the education system just to have fun and go party with the classmates.


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