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spoiled or priviledged?

By Laerke Johnsen on 18. May 2012, 12:08.

I do not believe that we are spoiled because we recieve a monthly student grant, I believe that we are priviledged. The grant is a part of our extensive wellfare system, ensuring equal possibilities for all classes to recieve a university degree. I believe that there are great differences in how much value one gets from the grant, as a consequence of differentiated living-costs between danish cities. I also believe that some students have less actual in-class teatching than others, without having to spend more time on self-study and thus having more leisure time than others. I think that means there is a lack of equality between students, but do not for one second think that there are not students that struggle to make ends meet. And what is this about getting paid a student grant for your in-between studies? You have to be enrolled as a student to recieve the grant. Usually the sabatical year is taken after highschool and spend on working and saving money for travelling and generally gaining maturity and direction in life. I support the welfare system that generations have fought to make a reality, and I do not understand people who want to abandon this instead of strengthening it. I always think these must be people who could have gained their position in life without the welfare systems (judgemental, perhabs). And what is wrong with a bit of idealism these days?


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