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Top 10 volunteer jobs, part 2

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Orange scene, Roskilde Festival. This could be your new office if you decide to volunteer this summer
You have too much time on your hands. There are no chances of nailing the student job of your dreams and now you’re getting bedsores from slacking off on the chaise longue. Here are more ways to kick start the spring by volunteering in Copenhagen

5. Studenterhuset

The Student House, Studenterhuset, is a nightlife staple for many university students. Students flock here for activities such as salsa and swing dancing, open mic nights and ipod battles, not to mention the array of discounted alcohol at the bar.

Becoming a volunteer at either the bar, or behind the scenes as a concert organiser only enhances the fun and puts you at the forefront of the city’s international student community.

As a volunteer you get bartending and work experience, discounted drinks and free entry to concerts to sweeten the deal. To sign up, check out their website.

4. Humanitarian aid organisations

Copenhagen contains a host of humanitarian organisations and many of the most important ones like Red Barnet Ungdom, UNICEF and IBIS have a huge presence in the city. This could be your contribution to world peace.

Students can be prepared to assist with a variety of volunteer tasks from fundraising for a particular cause, participating in a special language exchange at IBIS or volunteering with UNICEF to prepare emergency kits for victims of disaster like this project.

Check out their websites, UNICEF, Ibis and Red Barnet Ungdom for more information.

3. International schools

Put your unique academic or language skills to use as a volunteer in some of Copenhagen’s international schools. The Copenhagen International School in Hellerup, is currently recruiting new volunteers for tutoring positions in different academic subjects, especially French and German.

Besides helping a child’s education, active participation in a tutoring program might lead to more lucrative and permanent positions. You get practice your own language skills as well.

2. Student magazines and publications at the University of Copenhagen

Did you know that several departments at the University of Copenhagen host their own student publications and magazines? Many of them are looking for volunteer writers and editors such as the Institut for Psykologi’s Indput associated with the Department of Psychology and Scient , associated with the Faculty of Sciences.

These student magazines have many articles written in Danish but are open to accepting English submissions - giving International students an opportunity to practice their journalistic skills, add to your CV, voice your opinion, and get more involved with student life.

1. Roskilde Festival

The Roskilde Festival is one of the largest music festivals in Europe. This year it will feature stars like Björk, Wiz Kalifa and Bruce Springsteen.

People from all over the world flock to this summer playground of beer, good tunes and partying
but with ticket prices starting at 1790DKK, all the fun could be out of reach for a student budget.

Volunteering could put you in the front seat of all the action, without paying an øre! Positions at the festival could include anything from office work to crowd control and you’ll get access to all the same festival happenings as paying audience members.

The volunteer waiting list on their website opens on 19 March.

Find out more at CPH Volunteers

CPH Volunteers is an organisation which sends out a monthly newsletter to recruit for many exclusive events in the city that are in search of workers. Often times they also offer special perks such as free meals, loot or access to otherwise pricey events. To join, sign up at CPH Volunteers.

Feeling guilty because you haven’t found your volunteering call? Don’t miss out on the rest of our ideas See part one of our guide here!

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By David on 3. March 2012, 10:46.

It's not very nice for Bruce Springsteen to place him in the same category as Wiz Khalifa ! by the way, very good article!

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