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SU grant: Can you get it?

SU grant: Can you get it?
EU court ruling will make these available for some
An EU court ruling has forced the Danish government to allow the payment of SU study grants to non-Danes who also work in the country. See here if you can apply (updated July 2016)

Non-Danish EU citizens should have the same rights as Danes to receive access to Danish SU student grants, according to a recent EU-court ruling, and just confirmed in a deal between government and opposition parties. This is so long as they are employees or workers.

According to a memorandum from the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Education that has been made available to the University Post, this means that EU citizens can now apply to SU student loans and grants if they work more than 10-12 hours a week and fulfill certain conditions.

Here is who is eligible, and who is not.

Eligible for SU

You are eligible if you are:

• an EU or EEA citizen
• work 10 to 12 hours a week
• are studying at a Danish university for a full degree (that is, not through an exchange programme)

Not eligible for SU

You are not eligible if you are

• a non-EU or non-EEA citizen
• don't have a job of 10-12 hours a week
• are an exchange student at a Danish university while doing a full degree at your home university

Previously, the Ministry of Education has looked to the length of a non-Danes' stay in Denmark to determine whether their purpose is to study, and have disqualified applicants that were in the country more than 10 weeks before the start time of their studies. They will no longer do this.

How much is SU?

The present SU rate is DKK 5.941 (approximately EUR 800) a month before tax for students not living with parents.

Extra support is available for those who support children themselves.

Do you already get SU? Here is what the reform means for those who are already recipients.

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Age limit

By Sofia on 13. January 2017, 10:00.

Do you know if there is an age limit to get SU?I am 30 now,will I be able to apply?

SU for EU citizen after living 2 years (without job or married)

By Marie on 10. January 2017, 7:00.

Hello everyone I explain my case here.
I am from Spain (EU citizen) and have been living in DK for 2 years with my danish boyfriend and I would like to start an education here (not university). Is it true that you can get SU as EU citizen after living in DK for 2 years, without having to work? I live in a remote place in DK... And I have a B2 level danish (just finished the danish school) but dont think I can find a job yet.
Its sooo confusing, some say you need to be married, others need to live here for 2 years.. Others 5... What are really the conditions? Thanks .

SU for EU citizen after living 2 years (without job or married)

By Zeshan Ali on 16. January 2017, 10:31.

Dear Marie,
you can find more information about the SU rules by contacting the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants or visiting their website.

Here is a link to their website:

Best wishes
Zeshan Ali
Assistant Editor
The University Post

SU for erasmus traineeship???

By Ethan on 20. November 2016, 21:49.

I am coming to Denmark for a 4-month erasmus traineeship, working on a lab project 37 hours per week.
Can I have SU for this period?
Thank you!

SU doing an online BA?

By Josh on 10. October 2016, 17:50.

Do you get SU if you stay in Denmark as a Danish citizen while doing an online BA from a University in the United States? or does it need to be a university from Denmark?

SU when I quit school

By sisi on 10. October 2016, 6:51.

at the moment I am receiving SU, but I know, I will quit the school in January - therefore I won't be student anymore.
How do I 'stop' SU? Will they want me to pay all the money back, because I won't finish my studies and get a degree?

SU for Nordic country citizens

By Juha on 1. October 2016, 8:48.

If I am a citizen of a Nordic country, for example Finland, do I still have to work to be eligible for SU ?

SU without a salary

By Maxi on 12. September 2016, 20:02.

Is is possible to receive SU, even though your job doesn't pay you any money?

43 hours a month

By Hairite on 8. September 2016, 11:32.

Hi, from October on I'll have a job for 10 hours a week, would this be enough to receive SU? Since it says 10-12 hours it is a little bit unclear and I heard you need to work at least 43 hours a month. If there are 31 days in a month, then 10 hours a week is enough, but if less then it's not...

More than 12 hours of work

By Lars on 20. August 2016, 14:11.

I have the chance to get a student job of 20hours per week next to my full time master studies in aarhus. Can i still get the SU? Or do i work too much for that?

As long as you don't earn

By Write your name here (anonymous comments will be deleted) on 29. August 2016, 18:42.

As long as you don't earn more than 10-11k kr per month you will be eligible to get it, I don't remember the exact sum.

Receiving SU

By Patryk on 18. August 2016, 20:09.

I live in Denmark for 2 years now and I´m going to IB school now, I will start working next month for 10-12 hours. Do You think if i apply for SU in december when im 18. Will I receive SU? Im living alone and I´m from Poland.

How to inform SU about my holidays?

By Sasha on 13. July 2016, 9:43.

I have heard that you can still get SU when you go for official holidays at work. How do I inform the SU office about that? Their office near Aarhus uviersity is closed :(

Hello. Is the SU additional

By Fabio on 22. June 2016, 17:56.


Is the SU additional to job wage?

In case it is, how much is the average wage for SU jobs?

Thank you

New SU rules

By Alex Lung on 22. June 2016, 9:12.


I read that people who have a 6 month dellay on their studies will no longer get SU.

My question is, can i get SU if i changed my education after a one year break? Or does that count as dellay in edducation?

What time after I apply for SU will I recieve the first money?

By Aleksandra on 18. June 2016, 16:18.

Dear all,

I am wondering how long from the time I applied for SU will it take until I receieve the first grant? How long does the whole procedure from starting to apply for SU until getting the first money takes?

I couldnt find such information anywhere.

Thnx a lot

One month

By Valeri on 17. June 2016, 12:19.

I am wondering if i can get the SU only for one month when i have enough hours?
The thing is that i am working on one work, but it does bot give me enough hours. And in June i found some extra one-week work, which will make in total 43 hours for two works
Can i apply for SU for June and then stop it in July?

My Own Business

By Sean on 10. June 2016, 19:44.

Hi, I am a Californian studying in Denmark. I have my own small private tutoring business. If I register it with the government and pay taxes on my earned income can I receive SU?


HI, you must be EU citizen to

By Sasha on 13. July 2016, 9:28.

HI, you must be EU citizen to receive SU. That works for some USA citizens who have dual citizenship of EU country

SU how to apply?

By Philippine on 2. June 2016, 15:13.

Hey I'm French and I'll be studying in Denmark as a full degree student for two years (master's programme) in September. So I guess I "only" have to find a job in Denmark to be eligible to the SU? How to apply for the SU and how to find a job when you don't speak Danish (yet)?

Selling on Etsy

By Annie on 26. May 2016, 5:50.

So what happens if I start selling things on Etsy (with a proper license - is there one? Can I get it if I am not Danish?) while working for 10-12 hours? Do I still get the grant or not? Will my sales on Etsy be taxed differently?

Unless do register you

By Jeff on 26. May 2016, 15:54.

Unless do register you business as a subject to Danish tax. This means - to get a CVR nr. I strongly doubt you'll be able to get any penny from the Danish state.

What do you mean by that?

By Annie on 5. June 2016, 20:07.

I didn't quite understand that. Does it mean I wouldn't get the student grant then or..?

SU for a EU student

By Iveta Madarova on 25. May 2016, 17:34.


I would like to ask, if there is a possibility to keep receiving the SU after I go on a Erasmus for 1year to UK? My home University is in Denmark, Aarhus, where I am doing my full MA degree. I work 10-12 hours per week and I am a EU citizen. In September I will leave DK for 1 year. What are the options for me to keep my SU? Should I find a work online for DK?

No. You must work in DK in

By Jeff on 26. May 2016, 15:44.

No. You must work in DK in order to have SU. Unless you can manage to fly back and forward, and to maintain the address here in DK - otherwise there is no chance.

EU married to a dane, SU?

By Paola on 24. May 2016, 10:54.

I am an EU citizen, I have resided in Dk since 2012 (4years) and after 3,5 years of cohabitation, last April, I got married to a dane. Can I get SU without working 12h/w?
Apparently, according to the Danish law we should have been married for 2 years, but according to the EU law seams to be different, but it is not clear.
Thank you.

Unless you have a near

By Thomas on 7. June 2016, 17:35.

Unless you have a near relative who have had in Denmark at least three years of work. Or is in hold of danish citizenship. Then you are entitled to get SU, if you study full time and don't live on the same address as they do.

Double degree

By Andrei on 14. May 2016, 10:25.


I am a EU citizen and I will a double degree masters program in CBS. Technically, I am an exchange student but I will earn a degree also. Am I allowed to receive SU if I get a job?


same situation

By Eszter on 22. May 2016, 13:00.


I am in the same situation, following a double degree master program and even though technically I will be 'only' an exchange student for a whole year, I will graduate there as a full-master-program student in Denmark.


Spring semester

By miren on 9. May 2016, 12:28.

I would like to know if there is any chance to get the grant if I start my masters in the spring semester (taking into account that I fulfill the rest of the conditions).


SU after being aupair

By Oleksandra on 23. April 2016, 20:28.


Is it possible to prove you have equal rights with Danish students if :
1) you were aupair in Denmark (30h a week according to the contract)
2) for 2 years
3) you were paying your taxes
4) you are a non-EU citizen?

Thank you in advance,

SU grant for EU citizens

By noce794 on 19. April 2016, 13:02.

I am Italian and due to start my full-time masters in Aarhus this September.

I had a look at the government website that describes the rules for qualifying for the SU grants and it seems that you need to be an EU citizen in addition to being related to a Danish national or have worked/working in Denmark. Is this correct or is it enough to just be an EU citizen to benefit from the grant?

The information in this post seems to contradict what's on the website or maybe I have confused myself in the process. I would really appreciate any guidance



By Georgios T. on 21. May 2016, 18:16.

I am Italian (AND THEREFORE FROM EU) and due to start my full-time masters (FULL-TIME DEGREE IS AN IMPORTANCE, WHICH YOU FULFIL) in Aarhus this September.

"Is this correct or is it enough to just be an EU citizen to benefit from the grant?"


What other condition do you need to fulfil?
1) Work for 10-12 hours in a week (which might not always be easy)

Yes. It is enough to be a EU-

By Georgios T. on 21. May 2016, 18:18.

Yes. It is enough to be a EU- citizen, there is no need to be connected to a Danish national.

I have to pay it back?

By Sara on 2. April 2016, 18:20.

Hi, I am an Italian student who will study at Copenhagen in September 2017 (I hope).
I wanted to ask if after finishing the university I have to pay back the SU.
Thank you for your answer.


By Write your name here (anonymous comments will be deleted) on 4. April 2016, 17:08.

Hi man i am a student in dk already,no you do not have to give the SU back !
Good luck with the application it is not to hard!

No need to pay back.

By Lar on 30. November 2016, 1:08.


After i graduated they checked up my earning, and they accepted 19 months from 24 months. Well last 4 months i had no job that is why. Just work enough hours in each month and don't earn do much.


By marie on 11. March 2016, 13:00.

Hi, I want to make a professional bachelor. Will I also get the su grant?
thanks :)

Half Danish

By Gabriele on 3. March 2016, 10:28.

Hi, I am an Italian student who will study at Copenhagen in September 2016 for a full bachelor-programme, my mother is Danish so I have also a Danish passport, do I need to work to get SU?

Can I apply

By Emily on 24. February 2016, 19:00.

I have a Danish father & British mother. I have done all my schooling in England with the exception of 2 years when we moved to Poland. I will be starting my university education this Sept in England. My dad says I can apply for SU grant to study in England, however there will be a test to be taken in Danish which Iam very worried about, as my Danish language skills are basic to say the least!! Is this true and if so does anyone know what is involved? I.e. Is it an online test or face to face test? What sort of questions etc...
Thank you in advance!

SU while studying in the US

By Judy on 14. February 2016, 20:47.

I have a Danish parent and an American parent. Family in both countries. I would like to study in the States (Bachelors Program) so therefore am not on exchange or leave from a Danish institution. Would I be able to apply for SU?

can I get SU?

By Eli on 10. February 2016, 18:44.


I would like to ask you, I clean at four families for 3 hours per week, which means 12 hours per week all together. If I make a contract with each of them, can I get SU for that kind of job? And how should the contract look like?

Thanks a lot for any answer :)

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