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New evidence on 9/11 attacks in Copenhagen court

World Trade Center 7 video
Photo: Courtesy of Niels Harrit
Screenshot from video of WTC 7 collapse. In court, Niels Harrit will argue that the explosion happened against the laws of nature, and will also present physical evidence. All to prove that it is libel to call him a 'crackpot'
The 9/11 attacks were in New York, but in a Danish libel case a chemistry professor will present evidence in Copenhagen

Did it really collapse from fire, or was it actually destroyed by a controlled demolition? Evidence presented in a Danish court house on the 9/11 destruction of the third tower World Trade Center 7, may resurrect the whole debate and conspiracy theory.

A libel case in the Danish Eastern High Court (Østre Landsret) in Copenhagen Thursday will now admit more actual evidence on the building's collapse.

[Editor's note: See our report from the actual court proceedings here. ]

A lower court held in 2013 that it was in the realm of press freedoms of speech for Danish newspaper Weekendavisen to call Niels Harrit, an associate professor in chemistry from the University of Copenhagen a ‘crackpot’ [in Danish, 'tosse', ed.] in an opinion piece.

Video will be shown

Niels Harrit will have none of it.

He appealed the ruling to a higher court, and now, a separate ruling will allow him to present evidence on the 9/11 attacks in court.

It will consist of a video of the 47-story building being swallowed up by the ground and replaced with a puff of smoke. A lower quality version of the same video on youtube can be seen here:

Dust is not just dust

But intriguingly, his evidence will also include a sample of dust.

The dust evidence is crucial to understand why the World Trade Center 7 (WTC7) imploded seven hours after the 9/11 attacks on New York City in 2001, according to Niels Harrit.

“I will bring in a dust sample, and drag a magnet along the plastic bag. The little black rim around the rim of the magnet, these are the iron spheres with iron content, and this is specific for WTC dust, “ he says.

The dust thereby shows traces of the use of thermite, an incendiary whose chemical reaction ramps up temperatures to 2500 centigrade, enough to cut thorugh steel columns. This supports his contention that all the three skyscrapers were in fact taken down by explosives and incendiaries.

Read also: 9/11: Cover-up or crazy conspiracy

'Crackpots' from the 9/11 sceptics movement

The video of the collapse of the building will be played in court as part of Niels Harrit’s argument that the collapse could not take place in this way if it were simply following the laws of nature. And his argument will include references to scientists right back from the history of physics, such as Galileo and Newton.

Niels Harrit originally brought the libel suit against Weekendavisen back in 2013. An exhibition about the Armenian genocide at the Royal Library in Copenhagen included Turkey’s view of the events. This was criticised in an opinion piece by Søren Villemoes of Weekendavisen.

"Is the library soon going to open its doors to an exhibition showing us 'alternative' theories about evolution? Should we have a poster promoting creationist deceptions hanging in one of Denmark's finest institutions of enlightenment? Why not just invite in Niels Harrit and the other crackpots from the 9/11 sceptics movement while we are at it? What about the holocaust denial movement? Should they have a wall at their disposal where they can present their usual nonsense about the lack of chimneys on the 'alleged' gas chambers?"

Newspaper held 'freedom of speech'

It was this passage that offended Niels Harrit.

"This was very vicious. I am used to being called ugly things. But I sued them for libel, and I lost the case. Not because I was wrong. But because the journalist was protected by the freedom of speech."

Freedom of speech is one thing. Libel is another, and the Danish criminal code, can still indict people for violating 'the personal honour of another by offensive words or conduct or by making or spreading allegations of an act likely to disparage him in the esteem of his fellow citizens'.

Niels Harrit argues that Søren Villemoes can’t use the freedom of speech, because there has to be some factual basis.

"In this case, the factual basis for my opponents claims is non-existing. They have nothing. I have been an associate professor for more 40 years. I have a reputation as an honest, established scientist. This is my plea," he says.

Weekendavisen's Søren Villemoes: Putting on my tin foil hat

The University Post has so far not been able to get a comment from Weekendavisen.

But Søren Villemoes from Weekendavisen said in connection with the case at the lower court to that "I am not describing him [Niels Harrit, ed.] personally. But rather I describe the viewpoint that he represents in the debate, as 'crackpot'.

He was happy at the time to have the lower court upholding his freedom. "If this was not the case, it would be a serious restriction of the freedom of speech," he then said.

On his Facebook page before the court hearing, Søren Villemoes is upbeat Wednesday.

"I am putting on my tin foil hat and making myself ready for the final showdown in crackpot-gate between Niels Harrit and yours truly tomorrow in the high court. I can't wait to hear about the melting point of steel."

Physicist, architect to testify

According to Niels Harrit, the new trial at the Eastern High Court is different for other reasons.

Professor of theoretical physics, Per Hedegård from the University of Copenhagen's Niels Bohr Institute was originally one of Niels Harrit’s critics. But Niels Harrit will now call him in as his own witness. According to Niels Harrit, Per Hedegård has also been looking at the data again, and has come out on his side, he says.

Supplementing his testimony will be architect Jan Utzon, son of Jørn Utzon, who will say that this kind of building, a steel-framed high rise, has never, EVER collapsed due to fire.

Niels Harrit is optimistic about the case, and will be his own advocate in court.

”If they rule according to the law I will win. Freedom of speech is not limitless”.

[Editor's note: See the University Post report from the actual court proceedings here. ]

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The missing trillions

By Write your name here (anonymous comments will be deleted) on 8. July 2016, 0:33.

Just look at who really benefited from the destruction of these towers. Building 7 was a depositary for government documents concerning trillions of unaccounted military spending. Erased forever. The Patriot Act was all about taking away the privacy of Americans. The Bush family is a evil collection of greedy demons.


By Sparky on 31. January 2016, 23:03.

Wow, people who claim this was a controlled demolition know nothing about how controlled demolitions are performed, ignorance is bliss I guess.


By Write your name here (anonymous comments will be deleted) on 8. July 2016, 0:35.

whats wrong with your brain ?

On the contrary, any

By Brandon Hammond on 22. June 2016, 15:35.

On the contrary, any structural engineer, architect, or anyone with even a little bit of common sense can see for themselves that WTC 1, 2, and 7 were controlled demolitions. In addition, when you factor in the fact that there are hundreds of eyewitness accounts by police, firefighters, and public who heard the explosions it becomes evident that it was nothing other than a controlled demolition.

fire can't do that

By Sergio Jimenez on 3. February 2016, 20:23.

I know a little about buildings and controlled demolitions, and this sure looks more like that than like a structural failure. Probably it was not a conventional c.d., but I just can't see how fire alone can do that to a modern high-rise. I don't know how, but something else had to be involved.


By Alex on 26. August 2015, 19:23.

It's hard to believe that even this crackpot is delusional enough to believe that the court will rule in his favor.

9/11 conspiracy

By peter on 15. January 2016, 20:39.

Yeah, maybe YOU should do your own little research into the events before you make a statement about being delusional. Anyone, who believes in the official 9/11 commission story of the events and the NIST report of the WTCs collapse are truly the delusional ones ! I know it's hard for you to fathom - that ones own government or rather forces with could be behind such a cover-up/conspiracy ! I was very reluctant myself to admit to the possibility for years until I looked into the evidence in order to disprove a colleague. Much to my amazement were there simply too many things that didn't add up, most noticeably The free fall collapses of the WTCs, The obvious use of explosives as witnessed by over hundreds on life video footages, but denied by NIST, The smoking gun - the perfect demolition of the WTC7, mistakenly admitted by the landlord, Larry Silverstein, The highly suspicious anomalies of the air defense on 9/11, which despite having successfully intercepted 67 flight the year prior did not managed to intercept one of the 4 hijacked planes, The no-plane at Pentagon, The fake witnesses and planted evidence (wrong engine at WTC, the hijackers passport), etc. Thousands of scholars and professionel are supporting that the official version is improbable and is a cover up - and inside job, a conspiracy. Check it out: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11Truth, 9/11Truth. Yes, you have indeed been dubbed - you're the reality deniallist, a victim of cognitive dissonans. Prepare to get to know the truth and the big scheme of things ....


By Josh Peterson on 17. August 2015, 21:30.

It is obvious it was a controlled demolition. Take that video of building 7 and put it next to a controlled demolition. It looks exactly the same. People are just in denial because what this truly means is that government has no problems killing its own people and that means no one really is safe.

Get in there!

By Luis Sanchez on 27. March 2015, 17:11.

Thank you Dr Harrit for all of your efforts. I've been following this case since ae911 put me onto it. Gave a small contribution for the legal fees, and now am waiting in anticipation of a positive result. Good luck sir, and don't stop preaching the gospel. 911 was an inside job!

something so wrong with so called debunkers

By Colin on 24. March 2015, 1:16.

Thank you Niels! For years I've equated the "debunkers" as having about the IQ of a gold fish, as everyone should, why not be loud about it also? Either that or someone is forcing them with threats of some kind, which is just low on both sides. Hope you win big! Best of luck.

PS I meant all of them

By Colin on 24. March 2015, 2:13.

PS I meant all of them combined = IQ of 1 gold fish, so sorry, didn't mean to insult the gold fish!


By Jean-Jacques on 21. March 2015, 0:25.

The collapse is WTC 7 is not a mystery.

Science vs mindless media

By Jens Angelsgaard on 20. March 2015, 10:42.

WTC Building 7 fell in free fall speed* . According to Newtons 2nd Law this means that all structural elements inside the building must have been removed simultaneously. And this can only be done by controlled demolition.

Lic. scient. professor emeritus Niels Harrits' position is supported by science an logic.

The opponent Søren Willemoes' claim that
"Niels Harrit is a creationist, a holocaust-denier and a lunatic..." - has no rational, scientific or logic justification.

Søren Willemoes' bully-behavior is an insult not only personally to Niels Harrit: but also as implicity stated by Eileen Coles; it is also an insult to the victims of the 911-attacks.

Moreover the fact that Søren Willemoes is using the term "Holocaust-denier" - where it is NOT applicable - raises further questions about the integrity of Søren Willemoes.

*) WTC Building 7 fell in free fall speed for the first 8 floors. For the next 39 floors it fell in near-free-fall-speed. This was first ignored by NIST. Later they silently accepted David Chandlers proof of this - but in the final conclusion NIST failed to draw any logical conclusions.

De-stigmatizing "truth" isn't easy in today's world.

By David on 15. March 2015, 6:06.

Back in the '40s, "Truth, Justice and the American Way" was a noble and highly regarded phrase. Today, it is "The American Way" alone, while "truth" is demeaned and justice has been turned on its head. In fact, those who sincerely seek "truth" are often ridiculed.

It takes men of knowledge and principle, who are willing to face the slings and arrows of popular yet willfully ignorant people, to present the inconvenient truth to those who would prefer not to hear. Even NIST was forced to withdraw its initial nonsense report and admit to free-fall speed in the collapse of WTC Building 7 in their final report. However, NIST still refuses to release their computer model data for public scrutiny, defying all established principles of transparency and peer review among the scientific community.

People who understand the strength and durability of steel-framed buildings know that free-fall descent is indicative of one thing: controlled explosive demolition. "Controlled" because the timing and placement of explosive accelerants are EVERYTHING to achieve a smooth and well-guided collapse. The swift, symmetrical fall of WTC 7 was the work of experts. No amount of external damage from the morning, as claimed by "debunkers", could cause a 47-story building to suddenly drop neatly into a pile in just 7-seconds at 5:25pm.

It is because of bold truth-tellers like Niels Harrit that the world takes another step closer to real justice for the 9/11 victims and their families.

Thankyou Dr Harrit

By Vlad L on 14. March 2015, 17:53.

Dr Harrit you are a champion to this great cause and i wish you the very very best.Thousands of scientists ,journalists , editors, and first responders have shut up to keep their jobs...but people like you are beacons of hope...So many many THANKYOUS....Building 7 was in free fall for 80-100 feet, as you know, which is proof basically of a controlled demolition!!!

A government that kills its people

By Rodney on 14. March 2015, 14:06.

A government that does that is more than dangerous, above all when nobody no matter which party he belongs to has dared to make a stand about this situation. This tells you volume about politicians in America and in the world since they are all spreading the same lies. Journalists can no longer be trusted either since they have been lying to us and are the accomplices of these monsters who used these attacks to launch a war on terror, terror they inflicted themselves to their own citizens.

In response to a govt. that kills its people

By 9/11 victim on 20. December 2015, 1:37.

As a 9/11 victim, I get reminded by the cruel fact of "EPA" lying to the residents & rescue workers that the air was clean for three years.
Three years later is when we (residents) were notified that their own machine detected three of the deadliest Asbestos in our apt.
The compensation that we are suppose to receive or not receive for damages, is very tiresome. Sometimes we are sent to the same doctors numerous times to verify & reverify & waste more tax payers money to build a program that will re-verify your disease further ordered by VCF or NIOSH. Which was all a lie.
There was no new testing method. However, we had to wait more than six months for this so called "new technicque" is implemented.
Instead most of us are still struggling with out of pocket costs for what we have been through to kill us a second time. Killing us with a slow torturing pain.
I have lost faith on our government & for what it stands for. We are tired of begging when we have all the proof.
I often wondered why thre media talks only to the people on the donors side but not the receivers.
I am 100% disabled mentally & 75% bodily. Countless diseases. What compenstion have I received? Next to nothing! In fact I am completely broke.
Instead, we are going to help other nations & give them all sorts of weapons to turn around & terrorize us.
Do govt. offices get audited?

Demand a new, international scientific investigation of 9/11

By Frank E. Lane, M.D. on 14. March 2015, 8:41.

ALL true scientists care more for truth than anything else. Decent civilized educated people from all over the world must step up and take responsibility for getting the World Court to launch a new, international scientific investigation of the events on 9/11/2001. Almost 3,000 innocent people were murdered that day and two wars, lasting up to the present, were launched based on false claims. The entire religion of Islam has been vilified by these false claims. All of these are War Crimes- the worst type of crime imaginable. The highest honors go to those independent scientists, architects, engineers and other scholars like Niels Harrit, Richard Gage, David Ray Griffin... and many others who have worked methodically, over years to bring the TRUTH to light. Denial of the Truth is a threat to all humanity. We are now into the Sixth Great Extinction in the history of life on our planet and ONLY human intervention, based on scientific truth, can save our civilizations. I call upon ALL all decent, civilized human beings to join the "Truth Movement" and work to identify those who truly planned and executed the events of 9/11/2001.

Trurh and 9/11

By Thomas Milcarek on 14. March 2015, 1:13.

Thanks for your continuing work to expose the crime of century

By Elizabeth Woodworth on 14. March 2015, 0:39.

As the honorary president of the Italian Supreme Court, Ferdinando Imposimato has said so well, the 9/11 false flag did not just disrupt democracy in the U.S. It undermined all the world's democracies because it was a major crime that was first conceived, and then covered up and concealed from the peoples of the world.

And the covered-up event has changed our world immeasurably, and in a horribly negative way. It triggered the global war on terror, which is now feeding off itself. It is the most evil event of my lifetime.

I applaud and appreciate you Niels, for continuing to fight this battle for truth in order to protect democratic citizen knowledge, rights, and freedoms for future generations.

I salute you,


Thank you Niels!

By Brian Rogers on 13. March 2015, 19:07.

I greatly appreciate your stance and getting the truth out there, best of luck to you and your family. :)

free 911 video library is available here

By ura soul on 13. March 2015, 13:24.

for a wide spanning collection of videos on 911, you are invited to view the ever growing list here:

Thank You Niels Harrit and God Bless You...

By Marguerite on 13. March 2015, 7:11.

You are a True Hero Niels. Lets hope the flood gates open to full capacity and the Full World will understand the Truth about 9/11. The truth can only be suppressed with people that do not have the knowledge. Knowledge is Power. Keep the Power rolling. Good Luck!

Thank you for this article,

By Kimberly McLaughlin on 13. March 2015, 4:21.

Thank you for this article, it's hard to believe, but ignoring the truth is unacceptable. There needs to be a new investigation into the collapse of all 3 WTC buildings that collapsed. It's time for America to face this.

Thank You, Neils! May I suggest...

By Michael Woon on 13. March 2015, 3:44.

May I suggest the simplest proof needed - this proof was derived after extensive discussion with Facebook users "Mike Alfaromeo" and "Sam Haschets"

All 3 buildings showed, conclusively that the vertical load capacity of the columns were greater than the weight above. This is obvious, by design. But to be proven conclusively, we see impact holes in towers 1 and 2 yet the surrounding columns were able to carry the redistributed load.

Therefore, *if* each building's collapse was caused by fire, once the fire weakened floors collapsed, the net acceleration must be up, as the unaffected floors have a vertical load capacity greater than the weight above. We already proved this.

Therefore, the collapsing descent speed must slow down to a stop (or topple sideways) if fire was the main collapse trigger. The buildings must not collapse completely due to fire, period. The collapse must slow to a stop due to net force, work, and energies. This didn't happen.

Dr. Harritt exposes the scientific fraud of the century

By Michael Fullerton on 13. March 2015, 3:24.

The official 9/11 story is the scientific fraud of the century. The official stories of the Twin Tower falls and the fall of WTC 7 have not a single solitary shred of scientific evidence to support them. The courageous and conscientious Dr. Harrit has produced so far uncontested scientific evidence that all three buildings were controlled demolitions. Many others have produced solid evidence as well. None of this evidence is explainable by the official conspiracy theory. As per the scientific method then, the purely faith-based official story is proven false and controlled demolition is the only rational alternative.

Wake Up World!

By Ken Laws on 13. March 2015, 0:53.

I worked on Wall Street and knew somebody killed in the 9/11 attack. On Dec 1st I stood at the site of the huge craters that marked the footprints where the Towers and Building 7 stood and the wreckage had already been removed, in violation of United States Federal Law. But the fires still burned underground and what I couldn't know then but do now is that even after 3 months it was still possible to witeness the deception of 9/11 first hand. The fires burning underwater and below the surface were caused by the Thermite explosives that Niels demonstrated today. Since thermite provides its own oxygen it can burn underwater. In fact it is used for underwater welding.

Wake up world, this deception is coming to an end.

Thank you Niels!

By Mike Baldwin on 13. March 2015, 0:31.

You are a true hero to humanity! With the court hearing now over, it's all up to the integrity and fearlessness of the judge. The world is watching!!!

Thank you Dr. Niels Harrit!

By John Gotti on 12. March 2015, 23:21.

Keep up the great work Dr. Harrit! It's only a matter of time until the truth can no longer be suppressed!

Niels Harrit , a man of truth and integrity

By Patrick Braekevelt on 12. March 2015, 23:06.

The world needs more people like Niels, people of integrity and conviction.

We are so lucky to also have Prof Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan , Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth and David Ray Griffin and many more. I salute you all.

May the power of truth convince the world that they can no longer throw silly statements around about Niels Harrit.

I have the utmost respect for Niels and wish him complete success in propagating the truth about 9/11 on his day in court.

Thank you Niels Harrit for

By Justin Rtcb Smith on 12. March 2015, 22:56.

Thank you Niels Harrit for everything you've done and are going to do! You have a lot of support behind you!

Well done Niels Harrit

By Barry Mead on 12. March 2015, 22:32.

INITIALLY I believed the US government until someone said to me can 1/5 of a building crush the rest? Can thermite cut steel. and then they said read the official full documents before I say more. Well i did then i looked to answer the first questions and I saw.
Official versions contradictory and it's own people saying so. And the laws of physics said no to the first question. So I am glad Harrit is able to show this.

Case of immense political importance.

By Olof Martin on 12. March 2015, 22:24.

If Prof.Hedegård's witness statement was modified, would the reason be to attempt to avoid a massive political fallout? (Is bribery an option?)
Or does a Thermite explosion in a controlled demolition alter speed/charachter of free fall? (Creation of vaccuum??)
Crimes generally consist of 4 main parts; A) planning,B) execution of deed C) attempts to cover up, leave no trace and D) shutting up witnesses. (I am leaving out Cui Bono, as this important part would be self explanatory in a win by Prof. Harrit.)

Please answer to A): There MUST be witnesses to the placement(s) of the Thermite explosives and please explain in practical terms, the sequence and timing of ignition(s) in relation of the timing of aircraft impact.

And finally, as the destruction of the 3 buildings was total, was Thermite used/not used in the case of The Pentagon? Logic to be seen anywhere? Thermite would have to have been spread out across the whole building to coincide with the somewhat uncertain point of aircraft impact?? AND in case of total destruction, the Pentagon employed would all have had to been sent on holidays on the day???

Any guarantees for the impartiality of the Danish Justice system? The might of unlimited political power would hover over the Danish Court like a dark cloud.

Thank you Neils Harrit!!!

By Joshua Froze on 12. March 2015, 22:33.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to completely destroy a high rise steel framed building to the ground (dismembering all the core columns and pulverizing all the concrete to dust) (at ANY speed) by any method, other then the method of controlled demolition! Period!

Thank You Dr. Harritt.

By Joe Haley on 12. March 2015, 22:23.

I found out the truth about 9-11 over 8 years ago. The truth about 9-11 is not shown in any major news media outlet. Our justice system in America relies on the basic fact that a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. America failed to prosecute Bin Laden for the crime of 9-11 even as far as not having any photographic evidence that any of the highjackers were in any of the three airports involved in 9-11. What we do have, however is two alleged highjackers in Portland Maine airport and a non dated video from Dulles airport. Although this is not really what Doctor Harritt focuses on in his research, there are so many questions about 9-11 which were failed to be answered. Thank you Doctor Harritt for speaking out and thanks to all my fellow truthers who asked questions, even though we are called conspiracy theorists and crackpots daily. I am not a crackpot and neither is anyone of my fellow truthers. 9/11 TRUTH NOW. 9/11 Truth Movement on Facebook.

Thank you, Niels, for speaking up for Truth

By James Schaeffer on 12. March 2015, 22:10.

Here's the physics of "free fall gravity acceleration," such as the third tower that fell on 911, WTC 7 experienced for 2.3 seconds even according to the NIST study of the event: a body can only fall at "free fall" if ALL of the potential energy embodied in an object held above the earth's surface is converted into kinetic energy. Any of the potential energy that is used to crush building materials is not therefore available to speed the material down at free fall rate of gravity acceleration. Therefore any body that is falling at free fall HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER BELOW IT. I'm shouting on purpose. For 2.3 seconds at the beginning of the collapse (demolition) the majority of WTC 7 -- that portion visible in the many videos of the collapse -- HAD NOTHING BELOW IT. Where did the lower portion of the building go? The structural columns were destroyed with demolition charges and so had disappeared in the structural physical sense. This is the only explanation for what we see in the collapse videos. THE ONLY EXPLANATION. Niels Harrit is to be commended primarily on his courage and determination rather than his physics acumen as any 1st year physics student would recognize that what I write above is 100% accurate. Thank you Dr. Harrit!

Thank you, Niels, for speaking up for Truth

By Write your name here (anonymous comments will be deleted) on 12. March 2015, 22:07.

Here's the physics of "free fall gravity acceleration," such as the third tower that fell on 911, WTC 7 experienced for 2.3 seconds even according to the NIST study of the event: a body can only fall at "free fall" if ALL of the potential energy embodied in an object held above the earth's surface is converted into kinetic energy. Any of the potential energy that is used to crush building materials is not therefore available to speed the material down at free fall rate of gravity acceleration. Therefore any body that is falling at free fall HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER BELOW IT. I'm shouting on purpose. For 2.3 seconds at the beginning of the collapse (demolition) the majority of WTC 7 -- that portion visible in the many videos of the collapse -- HAD NOTHING BELOW IT. Where did the lower portion of the building go? The structural columns were destroyed with demolition charges and so had disappeared in the structural physical sense. This is the only explanation for what we see in the collapse videos. THE ONLY EXPLANATION. Niels Harrit is to be commended primarily on his courage and determination rather than his physics acumen as any 1st year physics student would recognize that what I write above is 100% accurate. Thank you Dr. Harrit!

Bravo Niels!!!

By Ken Doc on 12. March 2015, 21:47.

Thank you Niels Harrit for everything you have done for the 9/11 Truth Movement using Science and Physics to prove the official story a lie.

Science does not lie but Governments have been known to.

Evidence for Nano Thermite.

I am a survivor of the

By Eileen Coles on 12. March 2015, 18:32.

I am a survivor of the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. I worked as a System Support Engineer for Sun Microsystems which held offices on the 25th and 26th floors of Tower 2. I was present for the destruction of the towers.

I am also a US Air Force veteran who served during Operation Desert Storm. My service was similar to Edward Snowden's in that I was the system administrator for HQ USAFE's primary intelligence message handling system. I held a TS/SCI clearance with other compartmentalizations that are still classified.

Due to my military service and a full awareness of the capabilities of America's multi-billion dollar Department of Defense at this high level of clearance, I was aware from day one that 9/11 was an inside job. My heart sickness upon realizing this was such that I could not get out of bed or eat anything for three days.

I will be forever extremely grateful to Niels Harrit for his integrity as a scientist and his courage, compassion and honor as a human being.

Grateful to Søren Villemoes, not so much. What happened that day is no laughing matter. A man who is willing to bring his scientific evidence before peer review really deserves some peers worthy of the contest rather than a so-called journalist who capitalizes on the pain inflicted on me and mine, my nation and the world.

It is said your nation values honor highly even going back to the old days and the old religion, a religion which I happen to practice as a Gydhia of Freyja Vanadis. I pray to the Aesir and Vanir that your nation's highest court will also remember the value of honor and integrity, and the need to respect scientific fact over petty, venal and cruel opinions which hold at their very core an astounding lack of compassion for one's fellow man.

Sincerely and in troth,
Eileen Coles

Eileen Coles

By Jean-François Aubry on 12. March 2015, 19:14.

I don't have your background but when I saw the "crash" on the pentagone my hearth stop beat cause no plane can hit one of the must protected building in the world...the american army cannot do such a mess...US army have TV so they saw the plane in WTC2 and over a half hour later the sky of Washington was not protected...give me a brake.


By Eileen Coles on 12. March 2015, 21:03.

Hi, yes, all aspects of these attacks have their lies attached. There is a retired Major General (two star) who ran Intelligence for the entire Army whose name is Alfred Stubblebine who has stated that the official story as given is quite impossible, that no plane hit the Pentagon. There are a lot of us with military experience at all levels who are aware there was some form of subversion of our government. We need a new investigation.

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