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Dorms Disclosed: Rebæk Søpark Kollegiet

Rebæk Søpark building
Photo: Alessandro Genovese
Situated near a picturesque lake, Rebæk Søpark kollegium is a colourful and vibrant place to live

You might mistake the dimly lit hallways and dank stairwells of Rebæk Søpark for a scene out of George Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty-Four. In the entrance, instead of posters of Big Brother, there are the contact details of a locksmith for those who forget their keys.

Sure, Rebæk Søpark is the kind of place where you can get locked out. But it is also the kind of place where you can have fun.

Taking its name from the small lake nearby, Rebæk Søpark Kollegium is a good all-round place to be. As a kollegium, it covers all the bases: cheap rent, active student bar, friendly atmosphere and a convenient location.


Located three minutes from Rødovre station, it takes 15 minutes and a B train to reach central Copenhagen. By bike it takes a little longer, around 30 minutes.

The entrance to the hallway is painted with bold and bright colors

The nearby shopping centre has a lidl, a pizza takeaway and a good second hand shop. It's not exactly Fisketorvet, but it does the trick. There is the larger Rødovre shopping centre with the more recognisable brands just a short bike ride away.

The lake, Rebæk sø, is great for runners and those looking to get out from behind their laptops and get some fresh air.


The rooms are small, but large floor to ceiling windows do much to make them feel bigger than they are. Every room comes with its own bathroom, “hall way” and nifty storage cupboard.

Each floor has its own unique style

The bathrooms are relatively spacious by Copenhagen standards, big enough not to worry about soaking the toilet roll every time you turn the shower on.

Each floor has 4 communal kitchens. Each kitchen has its own set of rules and guidelines, no one kitchen is the same. Majority of the students in the kollegium have a small fridge in their room. Kitchens are the best place to meet people, find out about events and socialise.


There's only 8 washing machines for the whole kollegium, which you have to pay for. This can sometimes mean waiting in line for your washing. The washing room is located in the basement.

The rooms are small but brightly lit

The student bar is also in the basement and hosts regular events and Friday bar. On weekends it can get quite noisy, with the bar closing at around 4 o'clock. This is only a problem if you are in a room directly above the bar. The bar is staffed by students and is welcoming – new residents get a free beer!

Kitchens are the best place to socialize

The kollegium is friendly with a good mix of Danish and international students. Each floor has it's own character and the kollegium is a colourful and vibrant place to live. The facebook group is a great place to buy or swap furniture, tips or shout out about any events.

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By Sophie on 21. February 2016, 14:02.

This article made me laugh - I had the most horrible year of my life in that place, and this article makes it seem all fine and dandy.

First off - the kitchen I belonged to was disgusting. I don't expect kollegier to have perfectly clean kitchens, but stay with me hear:
EVERY surface was so dirty and sticky that anything stuck to it. Tables, chairs, counters, everything was covered in sticky dirt. I spent an hour and a half trying to clean it off when I first moved in, no luck.

People left the kicthen windows open, which meant there was pidgeon shit on the sofa and tables.
People left dishes and food in the sinks for days so you couldn't use them. I found a 4 year old milk in the fridge.
When people spilled food in the microwave or other places, they didn't clean it up.

I also got robbed of my vacuum cleaner which I left for 5 minutes outside my room. People often got their clothes stolen from the washing machines.
There is NO social life, the kitchen is always empty, except for sometimes a few students who don't speak Danish or English.

I also had a very violent girl on my floor, who threatened people when they complained about her loud music in the middle of the night during the work week.

People thought it was fun to start the fire alarm, several times a month. The night before my very first exam someone started it. Everyone spent almost an hour outside in the cold waiting for the fire men to come and turn the alarm off. They took their time, because as thay said, they were used to the alarm going off without a fire.
I got no sleep, and had to retake my exam as I couldn't think straight with no sleep.

The people were unfriendly and most didn't speak English or Danish. Kitchen was a health hazard.
I broke the rules by having a small fridge and a mini stove with an oven in my room. By this point I didn't care, I could not use that filthy kitchen.

I ended up calling my parents crying after 6 months haha! They had no idea how miserable I was, with the threatening people who I was scared of, and the constant noise and fire alarms in the night.

So we found a new place for me. After one year in the worst kollegium, I smiled as I left and never looked back.

Find somewhere else people, anywhere :-)

Horrible place

By Johan Jansen on 15. February 2016, 14:33.

I have lived a couple of years at Rebæk Søpark Kollegiet and it sucked ass - disgusting kitchen, no facilities, small room and far away from the city. I would not recommend it to anybody

Seriously? Someone managed to

By kristian on 15. February 2016, 12:45.

Seriously? Someone managed to write a positive piece about Rebæk Søpark? Friendly atmosphere? Compared to what - Raqqa, Syria? I lived there for 3 years, and it is definently a place to avoid if at all possible. Sure, it's not worse than most of the other sad options for poor students in the merciless Copenhagen housing market - the rooms are ok and of a pretty good size. But the atmosphere is like a non-stop funeral, be prepared for years with no friends unless you learn to make some elsewhere (which I did, and of course that was a nice lesson, so thank you Rebæk...). There's a small clique of students who do stuff together, like head the student council of the dormitory, but they're a clique in all the worst definitions of that word, and will not make you feel more at home than you would if you stranded on an alien planet. Outside of that, the population of the dormitory are as closely knit as the average group of passengers on a Copenhagen bus - expect the same level of friendly interest in your life, and active attempts at social interaction that you would in the silent zone in a rush hour train. A dreary, depressing place in a dreary, depressing suburb, with hoodlums and alcoholics all over the place. Every day is the same, and it doesn't feel like time passes at all. I'm relieved to have gotten out, because it's the kind of swamp that will suck you in. In all the dreariness you will forget that there is anything outside that could be more pleasant. I cannot think of another reason why I wasted so many years of my life in that place

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