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An Asian view on climate

Pollution in china
Photo: Photos.com
Industrial pollution in China
Climate and conflict, the role of local knowledge, and sustainable energy are some of the topics to be debated at the upcoming ‘Climate Change - Perspectives on Asia’ seminar

Copenhagen is undeniably in the throes of a veritable climate frenzy. Now, The University of Copenhagen’s (U of C) Asian Dynamics Initiative and the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS) add to the fray with a climate seminar with an Asian focus.

On 8 December, there will be an inter-disciplinary climate seminar at NIAS, Leifsgade 33, 3rd floor, 2300 København S. The event is in English and everyone is welcome.

Link between climate and war

Postdoc Olivier Rubin will deliver a speech on Climate Change and Conflict, focussing on the lack of empirical studies demonstrating the link between climate change and increased conflict.

He puts forward the view that most studies have focused on the wrong variables by only concentrating on the adverse consequences of climate change.

Instead, they should acknowledge the fact that change of all kinds produces winners and losers, and also allows certain groups to mobilize in order to contest existing social orders.

Taking ‘the other’ seriously

Another speaker at the conference is U of C Postdoc, Frida Hastrup, who has taken part in the Department of Anthropology’s Waterworlds project.

See the article The ice melts under your feet about the Waterworlds project here.

Frida Hastrup’s talk will focus on the traditional environmental knowledge of local populations. She will argue that paying more attention to this kind of knowledge and accepting its validity could lead to a greater understanding of the exact nature of climatic changes and of adapting to them.

See the full program here.


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