Campus 26/8-09 8:56

Say it again please

Books for Danish classes

The language sounds like gibberish. But other than that, Denmark should be a nice place to spend a year

Education 24/8-09 14:31

Minorities drop out of university

Ethnic minority students

Statistics show that students from minority backgrounds quit their university more than their ’Danish’ classmates. A new report asks why

Science 11/8-09 15:51

For the love of law and Latin

Latin and law_Reimar Juul_2008

Students at U of C take a stab at the age old lines in a voluntary Latin course offered to law students, although anyone with a bit of nerd in them is welcome

Campus 11/8-09 15:05

Send your dog

Dog training - Anders Fjeldberg 2009

They tried to make me go to rehab and I said woof woof woof! New rehab center so Fido can get fit to fight once again

Science 11/8-09 12:35 1

Islamic research distorts Muslim image

Islamic research distorts Muslim image

Islamic research contributes to a distorted image of Muslims and their faith, claims PhD student. She warns against being careless with research facts

Politics 28/7-09 15:02

New guidelines for sidelines


The University of Copenhagen is drafting new ethical guidelines to ensure the university’s integrity. It will prevent complications arising from collaboration between faculty and the private sector


Nutrition researcher Arne Astrup is the object of heated debate in the research world. Some believe he is a talented researcher who knows how to promote his findings - others think he is too clever for his own good

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