Science 23/10-09 9:58

New enzymes cut pollution


University of Copenhagen chemists create a fast-acting, powerful enzyme to replace dangerous chemicals

God is sabotaging the Large Hadron Collider

Is the CERN experiment LHC’s purpose so »abhorrent to nature« that it is being sabotaged by its own future? University of Copenhagen physicist blames ‘backward causation’ for the collider’s teething troubles

World 16/10-09 15:05

City life is good for you

New york walking

New Yorkers have a longer life expectancy than other Americans. U of C researcher says walking is the secret

Oliver Williamson

Two University of Copenhagen professors explain why this year's Nobel Prize in Economics was given to Williamson and Ostrom: They gave us a deeper understanding of the reach of markets and the pros and cons of alternative economic organizations

Science 14/10-09 12:54 1

New moving images of cell action

Cell image reconstruction

New University of Copenhagen technology allows high resolution images inside tiny cells. This could help find the cure for several diseases

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